Chronicles of Khaldun: Crux of Eternity

The Tatters of the King, Part 4

Earthday, Harvester 20, 552 CY (50 AN)

Having recuperated after the harrowing fight with the constructs, the Shields of the Sorrowfell decide to enter the next room. Peren scouts ahead; hearing five creatures within the room, he opens the door. Amidst the junk of this room are several broken tubes, each leaking a pale-colored mist. A rime of ice has formed on the surfaces within the mist. Amidst this are several ooze-like creatures — four red amoeboids, covered in compound eyes and sucks, and one, translucent, protoplasmic entity. Seeing these plasmic entities, he decides to rush into the room. Torinn quickly joins him, and the two warriors go to work attempting to hack apart the amoeboid creatures. Peren quickly disables one of their number and withdraws as Torinn is surrounded by the things. Bezaldooz, Bosabrieln, and Valna position themselves at the door to cast magics from the relative safety of the doorway.

As Valna reenters the room to engage the oozes, Peren leaps back into the fray as all five of the things surround Torinn at his urging. Undaunted, he continues to cleave into the creatures with his axe while Peren harries them with his blades and the rest of the group menaces them with spells and prayers. Despite the strange psychic aura of menace the amoeboids seem to project, the battle is over quickly, with all five creatures collapsing in swiftly-melting puddles at the Shields’ feet.

As the Shields rest, Bosabrieln is about to contact the Mourners of Saerun Road on the Sending Stone when he finds that the Mourners’ cleric, Wilkul, is attempting to hail the Shields on the stone. Bosabrieln gives greeting, and Wilkul quickly explains that he has made some manner of pact with a tribe of green men. They are running salvage here, although they appear to come from a lower level. Their leader, Cathorso, indicates that they answer to a leader by the name of the Traveler of Roads Untrod. Cathorso has further requested that all the travelers come to meet with the Traveler, who has come to the top level. Wilkul explains that the green men seem trustworthy, although he does not know what they will do when they reunite with their master. He briefly describes their capabilities — they fight with spears, mostly, although the leader also uses a shortbow. He says they have time to decide, but when they contact him again, he will be in the presence of the green men.

The Shields briefly discuss and say they will accompany the Mourners to meet the Traveler of Roads Untrod. Bosabrieln contacts Wilkul again and states their intentions. They all decide to meet at the central column in the middle of this level of the dungeon.

The Shields of the Sorrowfell, the Mourners of the Saerun Road, and Cathorso and his tribesmen all meet in the middle of the ship. After brief introductions are made, Cathorso and his men lead the Shields to one of the rooms the Shields have yet to investigate. He opens the door and reveals four humanoids and a large, black, blob-like creature. Some of the Shields note its similarity to a black pudding as they enter.

Cathorso and his six hunters move to the other side of the room. As he passes one of the four green men in the room — a strange man with stringy hair, rotten teeth, a white monocle, and a patchwork hide coat — he passes something to him and then activates a small drone which buzzes around his head.

The man in the monocle and patchwork coat steps forward, revealing himself as the Traveler of Roads Untrod. Bosabrieln parlays with him, and the Traveler swiftly reveals his goal to use the outlanders as sacrifices in his sorcerous experiments. As no clear compromise presents itself, the Shields of the Sorrowfell and the Mourners of Saerun Road prepare to battle the green men of the lower depths, as well as their black ooze.

Bosabrieln chants a war rhythm while another of the Shields shouts a warning to not attack the ooze with weapons, as it will likely split into smaller segments like a black pudding. Magic should be safe.

Quickly, battle is joined. Prulove Soundinghorn of the Mourners casts some glamour that prompts several of the hunters to rush to the far corner of the room, searching for gold that does not exist. She keeps them in place with eldritch illusions, keeping several of the enemy combatants engaged and out of the fight. Torinn and the Mourners’ Quotumal Goldheart, both dragonborn, move to engage the Traveler — as Torinn knocks him to the ground, he shouts to his associates to cover his escape and activates a small, metallic pack at his belt. He disappears.

Peren briefly engages Cathorso before returning to the other side of the battlefield. Bezaldooz and Bosabrieln, as well as Norros Babausong, the Mourners’ tiefling warlock, primarily focus on the ooze. At the same time, Indrak Kingpost, the Mourners’ assassin, engages some of the cultists. As Cathorso takes shots with his arcane technologies, he is quickly dispatched by the might of the group. Although the black pudding manages to menace several of the warriors, particularly Torinn — but also including some of the green men, as it seems uncontrolled without the Traveler — the spellcasters make short work of it, causing it to dissolve into a caustic puddle of ooze. With the monster and the groups’ leaders gone, the combined might of the Shields and the Mourners make swift work of the remaining hunters and cultists. Prulove keeps several of them occupied attempting to find illusory gold, while the warriors, priests, and magic-users take care of the remaining cultists. The green men do not flee or surrender, and when finally one skull-masked cultist remains, Bosabrieln gives him the opportunity to surrender. He refuses, launching into combat despite being outnumbered ten to one. The ensuing onslaught of spells injures him before Indrak deals the killing blow.

The Shields of the Sorrowfell and the Mourners of Saerun Road search the area, scavenging a little alien technology and recovering a sack of 3,000 gp. The Mourners take the alien tech, saying that they have been quite successful in their delve; they give the sack of gold to the Shields. Both groups then rest before performing a final sweep of the last few unexplored rooms. Finding nothing, Wilkul suggests that they do one last sweep of the top level before reporting their findings; the Shields agree, and both groups find nothing remaining on the top level of Skyfall delve.