Chronicles of Khaldun: Crux of Eternity

The Slaying Stone, Part 3

Earthday, Flocktime 27, 552 CY (50 AN)

Throughout the watches during the night, Bosabrieln, Emma, Peren, and Torinn are uninterrupted. However, shortly after waking, they are attacked by a goblin patrol passing through. They quickly dispatch the goblins and move on their way.

As they move through town, they are spotted and move quickly to avoid notice. Making their way to the hot springs, they recognize where a burrow has been made. They announce their presence and enter to find a large, imposing brass dragon. The dragon requests that they state their business, but as they flounder over what to say to convince the dragon to give up its stone, it sends them away so that they may reorganize.

The group decides to make its way to the Kiris Estate to see what they can find, and then return to the dragon’s lair. Finding their way to the Kiris Estate, they encounter the goblin guards and are making short work of them when they are confronted by a hobgoblin riding a large drake. After the hobgoblin attacks Torinn, the group kills the drake underneath its rider, and manages to make short work of him and the other goblins in the mansion. The ritual indicates that there is no stone in the mansion, though they do find 200 gold pieces throughout the mansion, which they split amongst themselves. The group is then determined to return to the dragon.

With renewed vigor, they manage to convince the dragon that their intentions are pure; they mean no harm and only wish to take the stone to their patron so that it may be destroyed. The dragon finally agrees, on the condition that they no longer bother it, and then presents the slaying stone to them. They thank it and take their leave.

The group makes for the edge of town, but are surprised by the orc mercenaries among some of the homes. The fight is brutal, and though Peren manages to swiftly defeat the group’s leader, and the assembled group defeats most of the mercenaries, all but Bosabrieln are quickly defeated. As a last resort, Bosabrieln uses the slaying stone on the orc shaman, causing him to messily dissolve. When all seems lost, Leogold Spiritforged appears, apparently having followed the party after hearing about where they were headed. He manages to get some of the party members back on their feet as he joins the battle. A goblin, apparently victimized by the orc mercenaries, also enters the fray. Among the lot of them, they manage to defeat the orc mercenaries, though the unnamed goblin and Emma both die in the conflict. Amidst the personal effects of the mercenaries, the group finds 420 gold pieces and an enchanted lute that Bosabrieln recognizes as the Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern. Battle-weary, the group builds a makeshift litter for Emma’s body and starts the journey back to Dawnslight.