Chronicles of Khaldun: Crux of Eternity

Revenge of the Giants, Part 7

Godsday, Harvester 25, 552 CY (50 AN)

Torinn breaks through the door to find a long, narrow room. Roughly straight ahead is a set of large double doors; the room extends to the right, past where he can clearly see around the corner. A large humanoid made of earth and stone stands between him and the double doors, while two hill giants flank the doors he has just broken. A glowing pool of magma sits against the far wall. Bezaldooz moves forward and throws spells into the room, covering Peren as he dashes in to engage the stone giant. Once he has moved into the room, he notices a large, fiery spirit dancing in the pool of magma, as well as two hill giants with slings at the far end of the room. Not wishing to be trapped in the room and pelted to death with stones, he attacks the stone giant and retreats to the doorway. The huge flame mote hurls a whirling torrent of flame into the doorway, binding Peren, Torrin, and Valna as the ground turns to heated slag. Unable to maneuver, the group hurls spells and weapons at the hill giants to be rid of them, and then Valna prays to Pelor to banish the fire elemental. The creature disappears, and once they free themselves, they move to engage the two giant slingers. Heavily outnumbered, the two slingers fall quickly.

The Shields of the Sorrowfell take the opportunity to regroup, preparing for the eventual return of the fire elemental. When it appears, they use magic and ranged weapons to make short work of the creature, sending it back to the chaos that spawned it.

After resting, the Shields decide to take the smaller set of doors in the room, kicking them open to find a long hallway. The hallway turns left after about sixty feet, and bears a small set of double doors to the right at the fifteen-foot mark. Peren recognizes two wall panels along the length of the hallway hide secret doors. He points them out to the group, and after some discussion, they decide to leave them alone, instead focusing on the double doors. Torinn’s armor senses several creatures within; the Shields organize around the doors, preparing to kick them in and hopefully surprise anyone inside. As Peren and Torinn kick the doors, Bezaldooz opens the secret panel.

The double doors reveal a small room — barracks, by the look of them — with five orc warriors within. The secret panel reveals some manner of throne room, containing six giants, although a seventh may be heard barking orders. A magma fount sits against the wall. As battle is joined in the barracks, Bezaldooz throws a spell into the room and closes the panel. Peren and Torinn rush into the throng of orcs as Bezaldooz, Bosabrieln, and Valna pelt them with spells. However, the giants in the other room take this opportunity to come around the corner of the hallway and sling stones while the shaman comes through the secret door and begins causing earth tremors to harry the Shields. After the seventh voice in the room shouts something in Giant — Bosabrieln translates it as something along the lines of “Don’t let them into the room!” — the giant shaman retreats, allowing the hill giants to continue throwing rocks. A burly giant with a battleaxe — evidently some manner of chieftain — appears in the doorway, although after the orcs are slain, the Shields make short work of him before he can retreat.

The Shields prepare to assault the throne room, but as Torinn rushes into the room, the shaman reaches behind the throne and pulls a hidden lever. Two large trapdoors open, one of which is underneath Torinn and sends him tumbling fifty feet to the chamber below. He falls, to find himself in a cavern with the earthen humanoids. A much larger earthen humanoid, perhaps twice as large as the others, is speaking with the elementalist who assaulted Argent’s vaults. Seeing Torinn, he says, “Ah, the champions of Argent. How predictable. They are yours to destroy, Earthshaker. Enjoy yourself. I shall give your regards to the frost giant jarl.” He then uses a prepared scroll to teleport out of the room.

From the ground, Torinn tries to fend off the horde of giants; above, the Shields engage the shaman while Bezaldooz fires his portal gun into the abyss below, forming a portal beside Torinn and another in the throne room. Torinn crawls through this portal to return to the throne room, above, but a couple of giants manage to squeeze through it after him. They merge with the rock and disappear, while the shaman causes the ground to tremor, flinging Torinn into the magma fount in the room. Before anyone else can come through the portal, Bezaldooz closes it. The gargantuan giant below them rumbles something in Primordial, which Bosabrieln translates as, “I am coming for you,” and prompts them to slay the shaman before turning their attention to the stone giants who seem to meld with the earth. Bosabrieln manages to trick one into falling into one of the trapdoors, while the Shields slay the other.

As soon as they slay the giant, however, the stone titan and his two soldiers squeeze through one of the side doors in the hallway. Peren, Torinn, and Valna rush to engage them as Bezaldooz and Bosabrieln hold them at bay with spells, but the protracted battle is entirely too much for them, particularly as the other remaining stone-melding earth giant reappears from below. Peren, Torinn, and Valna all fall in battle. As Bezaldooz and Bosabrieln are both locked in melee at the time, Bezaldooz uses Bonatos as bait to allow himself to escape. Bosabrieln, manages to get away from the giant upon to try to large double doors in front of him, but to his horror he finds they are locked. He manages to skirt around the giant, shouting to any who might hear that what he does, he does for the greater good. Both Bezaldooz and Bosabrieln flee back the way they came, starting a panicked flight through the star-lit mountains.