Valna's background

Valna Arshaera was the youngest child of a family of five. Her and her family were devout members of the Temple of the Guiding Light and were accepted well by the clergy. They attended regularly and were very involved with the weekly meetings and masses. It was nothing unordinary for her family to spend hours upon hours at the Temple each week learning about and worshiping their god, Pelor.

One Sunday morning while gathering water with her older sister Valna remembers hearing some older ladies talking about an Orc raiding party spotted in the area. The women spoke in hushed tones as to not cause panic, however, although she was but young, Valna could sense the tension in the air and the fear in their eyes. The girls returned home and prepared to head to the temple later that morning as usual.

During the service there was a sudden loud banging on the temple doors. The congregation looked at each other as if to ask who was going to answer the door. Abbot Aelius, a good friend of Valna’s parents, always seemed to have insight into the future and was able to prepare for things to come. Abbot was sitting beside Valna and her family when the knocking began. He shot a glance over at Valna’s mother and father, who returned it with a slight head nod in response. He quickly and quietly stood up and motioned for the 3 Arshaera children to follow him. They got up promptly and looked back at their parents. Their mother gave them a tearful smile and mouthed “I love you” and their father gave them a smile that reminded them of someone who was leaving a loved one they would never see again. Little did they know at the time, that it would be the last time they would ever see their parents again.

Abbot swiftly corralled the children toward the cellar entrance in the rear of the temple. It was covered by a rug which Abbot pulled back before opening the cellar door. He motioned for the children to go down the windy staircase and followed them shortly after making sure the entrance door was covered again by the rug. The children still were unsure of what all of this was for until they heard it, right as they reached the bottom of the staircase, a loud bang then screams of terror and panic. The Orcs had arrived and fought their way to the Temple of the Guiding Light. The children could see the sadness in Abbot’s eyes as he heard the shrieks and screams of his church family. The clergy members had a written law that if there were ever to be a Orc attack in the city that the next priest in line to be sworn in, in this case which was Abbot, was to spare any children in the congregation as well as himself so that he could lead the Temple and help rebuild the city in the elder’s absence. The elder’s firmly believed that children were the cities future and should always be spared from harm way when possible.

Valna and her siblings were raised by Abbot as acolytes in the Temple until well into their adult years. When her sister and brother turned eighteen they decided to depart on their own to find their calling and explore the earth. At the age of twenty-one, Valna decided it was her time to explore the earth and see what else the world had to offer. Abbot assigned her the responsibility of escorting her dear friend Leogold Spiritforged to his new position as priest in Dawnslight and to then spread the word of Pelor to all of the Sorrowfell plains.

Valna's background

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