Torinn's background

In the woods a fierce battle grows two shadowy figures strike with person echoing in the woods. “He his quick but he is becoming predictable while I have learned to be like the water. His attacks go through me and I strike back but what can I expect from my older brother. He fights not out of passion or skill but out of necessity while I fight out of joy. Our training session is over we walk about to the village quiet because we both know the importance of what today is. We are to meet __________ today and do battle to see who will have her hand. Her family comes from a strong bloodline of Fighters as does mine but our villages before never interacted we both have different ways of doing things. The hope is to keep the village strong and always protected from those outside of our ways. As we return to the village we are greeted mother Drusilla as always in her full armor with her sword at her side ready for battle. When father fell she became stronger, her sword cut more lethal, her reflexes grew, and her rage in battle became unmatched. We asked he once where she found the will to keep going and we were told a story of how when a loved one falls their fighter spirit enters into your weapon to look over you. Being young we knew no real battles so we couldn’t understand what she was talking about.

A pit was made in the middle of the village and as my brother prepared for battle I sit in the middle of the pit waiting if I would going to be a great Fighter then I must understand that opposition is everywhere to worry about them would be like worrying that the sun will set. I begin to hear the drums and the village starts to surround the pit and here is my brother both of us with our padded weapons in hand. With a wicked grin on his face he drops his weapon to the ground and in response I do the same. “Looks like we are putting on a real show” he yells over the crowd. I look up to my mother and she has a uneasy look on her face and I then begin to see shadows moving behind the crowd. As I begin to understand what’s happening the fight starts with out me being aware before I know it Arath is in front of me and I’m on the ground. The crowd is so loud that they can’t hear my warning as I’m being struck and out the corner of my eye I see Dragonborn fall one by one. Finally Arath realizes what’s happening but its to late we have been captured half of use were killed during the conquest the rest of us tired up and thrown in the pit it turn out that _________ is actually the leader of their village and came up with the shameful tactic. Me and my brother are put up in front of everyone to be made examples of as Drusilla is forced to watch. I try to break free of my bonds but I am not strong enough and as my brother falls before me a great rage grows in my chest and as I let out a painful roar lighten fires out of my chest unable to stop it I point at my new enemies. The lighten dies and I black out.

When I wake I find myself in my bed I jump up and grab my sword as I walk through the village and is our people are rebuilding. They cheer as they see me walking through village as I keep walking I see where my brother had be laid to rest next to him Drusilla is laid to rest. I was told that she was hit by a blast of lightning during the attack.

I leave the village walking for days on end.

Torinn's background

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