Three Corners

Three Corners comprise three settlements nestled deep in the Hoarfrost Ridge.

Broken Anvil is a village of dwarves, led by Baram Stonefist. Their primary export appears to be stonework, although they also engage in trade and fishing with Treeline on Silvery Lake.

Treeline is a town of humans, also engaging in trade and fishing on Silvery Lake. Until recently, it was led by Sala Brim, but when the Shields of the Sorrowfell traveled to Treeline, they determined that she had been replaced by a doppelganger some weeks earlier. She is presumed dead. In her absence, the town elder Agranic has taken her place.

The Skewered Rat tribe of goblinoids also lairs here. Until recently, Broken Anvil and Treeline considered themselves to be at war with them, but since Bosabrieln brokered peace, relations have improved.

The peace allowed the Three Corners to successfully repel any giant armies attempting to enter the region.

Three Corners

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