The Zookeepers

The Zookeepers, as they’re commonly known, are a faction of Scandshar abolitionists opposed to slavery in general and the Illustrious Menagerie of Peacocks in particular. Tangling with organized crime is a big risk, so many agents are nobles or political organizers who engage in legislation and lobbying for change. Even in these positions, turnover tends to be somewhat high.

Of course, some agents are a bit more action-oriented. Typically, they either infiltrate the Peacocks, or sabotage their operations (or both). As one might expect, this is an intensely dangerous game. Most are idealistic do-gooders, but a few merely hope to start gangs of their own and break the Peacocks’ monopoly on crime in Scandshar.

A long-standing rumor suggests that the Zookeepers are somehow connected to the worlds-spanning Pragmatic Order of Thought, although no evidence of this has been noted.

Known members and allies include Count Finlay Brissot, Headmaster Ebenezer Jepson, and Darstina Tallcrippler.

The Zookeepers

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