The University for the Study of the Arcane Arts and Sciences

The shining jewel of Duchy Jepson, the University for the Study of the Arcane Arts and Sciences is a well-established university in Duchy Jepson.

Historically, the region has always had a magical college. Duchy Jepson was built on old ley lines — “dragon paths,” as they’re sometimes known — utilized by the dragonborn sorcerers of Arkhosia in their magical experiments. The college fell with the collapse of the Arkhosian Empire, but the potent magical resonance remained. As civilization returned and settlers founded Duchy Jepson in the name of Nerath, the original College of Arcane Arts and Sciences was founded.

Of course, it was previously housed in a series of squat buildings. The Wizard’s Tower lay outside the town proper, held as it was by an immortal Arkhosian sorcerer known as Oolakahn the Fortold. Quite reclusive, she never bothered the town, instead engaging in her experiments, and if the tales are to be believed, traveling across the planes in search of some grand power. Nearly a hundred years ago, a beautiful, brilliant flash of light was seen at the top of her tower.

She was never seen again.

People left the Sorcerer’s Tower alone for many years, but after it was obvious that Oolakahn was not going to return anytime soon, adventurers started clearing it. It was slow going, as she left many traps behind, but eventually the tower was cleared.

Just in time for the Cackledread War.

As the famous site of the Law of Fives’ ritual diverting the Fatehammer comet, as well as their stand against the gnolls, the remaining Law of Fives turned the Sorcerer’s Tower into their headquarters, using it as a base of operations for both the Law of Fives and a parliamentary chamber for the Council of Magi.

After joining the College of Arcane Arts and Sciences, Ebenezer Jepson made significant donations to the College — gold from adventuring and war profiteering — allowing the school to relocate to the newly-christened Wizard’s Tower. This transition also came with a name change, forming the modern University for the Study of the Arcane Arts and Sciences, and Ebenezer assumed the mantle of Headmaster within a decade.

The University for the Study of the Arcane Arts and Sciences forms the most advanced magical school in the Sorrowfell Plains, surpassing even Sorgforge’s Morgrave University in that regard. They also hold some of the most impressive libraries in the region, and maintain meticulous records of anything they can observe.

The University for the Study of the Arcane Arts and Sciences

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