The House of Fools

The House of Fools is an institution among the noble families of Scandshar. Designed as a check-and-balance system within the Council of Lords, the House of Fools is a symbolic assignment, assumed by every noble house in thirteen year cycles. When a noble house assumes the House of Fools, it temporarily removes itself from politics for an entire year, leaving an absence in the Council of Lords and only leveraging enough temporal power to manage its day-to-day affairs. Members of the House of Fools are not to be seen in public, instead appearing masked if they absolutely must appear. House of Fools members are still bound by the law, but are otherwise to be ignored by the citizenry.

Of course, with things as they are, most noble houses have learned their way around the system, and still leverage political influence through proxies and backroom deals. The greatest inconvenience to most nobles is that the House of Fools cannot participate in any social affairs during the year’s turning. (Of course, most noble houses offset this by throwing a large gala when the year is up, and since they’ve been monitoring the other houses’ affairs during this time, they try to outdo the previous year’s affairs. These so-called “Unmasking Affairs” tend to become legendary among noble and commoner alike.)

Despite the slippery dealings many nobles use to circumvent the loss of political power, the House of Fools is taken intensely seriously, as many superstitions and legends tie the cycle to the well-being of the nobility and Scandshar itself. If the price is not paid, the nobles will be penniless, the city shall fall, and all manner of terrible things shall happen — or so the legends say.

House Anghelescu is the current House of Fools for 552 CY.

The House of Fools

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