The Black Moor

The Black Moor swamp was created fifty years ago during the Cackledread War, when the Fatehammer comet slammed into an isolated plain in the mountains. Over time, the impact crater became a swamp, forming the modern Black Moor.

The Black Moor is a dangerous place. Bandits lair here, as does the Terrible Old Man. More recently, strange monsters have appeared — horrible, mutated creatures as well as some strange warforged. Combined with the approach of Vilustuminen the White, this paints quite a dire picture for Duchy Jepson, particularly since the Platinum Claws have been unable to handle the situation.

Hopefully, the Shields of the Sorrowfell will succeed where they failed.

Also, folks like the Baron Hook are probably itching to return to their research projects in the swamp. Such is the lot of the Discipulus.

In the wake of the Shield’s return from the Black Moor, it has been learned that the Fatehammer comet was not, in fact, a comet. Instead, it is a space-going vessel called Sentinel. Originally from another world, the Sentinel was stranded here by way of a Convergence.

The Black Moor

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