The Ballad of Fallen Sorg

Legends speak of the dim and distant days of the Dawn War, wherein god fought against primordial. In those early days, sages speak of one entity with unclear lineage.

This god’s name was Sorg.

Legends differ on his origin. Common tales indicate that he was a redeemed primordial; perhaps he slew and devoured a god, or perhaps he was captured and subjected to some eldritch ritual, or perhaps enough people started believing him a god and so he become one. Another tale suggests that he was a particularly primal deity with symbolic ties to the Elemental Chaos.

Whatever the case, Sorg was a smith-god, and he crafted many divine weapons for the war effort, some of which are still known today as legendary artifacts. But the most renowned object he created was an object known as the Crux of Eternity.

A legendary symbol, different people interpret the artifact in different ways. Warriors tend to think it was a protective symbol, while magicians tend to think of it as an implement appropriate to their style and designs: wizards think of it as a form of tome, clerics think of it as a holy symbol, monks think of it as a ki focus, and so forth.

Whatever the case, the Crux of Eternity is usually depicted as some manner of crystal cross, although depictions vary wildly from there. It evidently has some power to harness and channel the thoughts of the bearer to make that person more potent, acting as a form of ritual focus.

The Crux of Eternity was first and most notably used by Sorg himself to fend off a primordial attack on the Sorrowfell Plains. He was able to single-handedly defeat two primordials, including the nigh-unstoppable Ordu-Vrax, but collapsed and died from wounds and overexertion. Supposedly, the collapse of his giant body flattened the Sorrowfell Plains to its current state, and the land itself wept at his passing, forming the River of Tears.

Sorg was buried in his forge beneath modern-day Sorgforge, and his many creations were used to aid the gods in winning the Dawn War. No delver has ever successfully found the Tomb of Sorg beneath Sorgforge, but that hardly stops them from looking.

The Ballad of Fallen Sorg

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