Sorgforge, also sometimes called the City of Tombs, lies at the end of the River of Tears, and it forms the gateway to the Sea of Sorrow.

A bustling port-town, Sorgforge is named for the fallen god Sorg. Sorgforge contains a magma lake underneath its surface, and according to legend, this formed the smith-god’s forge. Its nickname has a similar pedigree: Sorg’s tomb supposedly lies underneath the city, which is riddled with old catacombs of all sorts. In addition to its connection to the Elemental Chaos, Sorgforge also has numerous connections to the Shadowfell.

Sorgforge is likely best known for its extensive port, as well as the Tain Foundry and Morgrave University. It is run by a coalition of seven merchant families as well as the Citadel, a former Nerathi military institution. The once-great city suffered heavy damage during the Cackledread War, and whole districts were left abandoned. Now, those who enter through the city’s gates must walk through the ruins of Old City before reaching the second city wall and the town of Sorgforge proper.

In the past year, Sorgforge has been shown to contain Ashurta’s Tomb and the Tomb of Theronna Onyxarm.

Not to be confused with Eberron’s Sharn.


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