Located on the island of Pūrabī | Pūrabī, the land of Nadhi, with its strange avatars of the standard pantheon and its unique flora and fauna, is considered exotic to most residents of the Sorrowfell Plains, unused to cultures other than their own.

When most travelers think of Nadhi, they actually think of the cosmopolitan port city of Hajāraṅga, City of a Thousand Colours, rather than the large tracts of wilderness and farms further inland.

Notable numbers of human slaves from Nadhi ethnic groups in Scandshar (and rumors of Sorrowfell-originating slaves further inland in Nadhi) suggests a quiet slave trade between the ports.

And of course, there are always rumors that the noble caste is predominantly composed of the dead, who prey on the living underclasses. No doubt, these hysterical fears are fueled by the fact that the grave-obsessed Gorupa noble house originated in Nadhi.

Based on Bezaldooz‘s coversation with Remegni, however, this might be true: Rahu apparently operates on behalf of a group of vampires from Nadhi, and they are interested in cooperating with Remegni’s vampiric conspiracy.


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