Also known as the Dark Prince, Graz’zt is one of the feared demon lords of the Abyss. He rules the domain of Azzagrat, spanning the 45th through 47th layers of the Abyss.

The demon lords are often aligned with destruction due to their association with the Chaotic Evil alignment, but Graz’zt is particularly subtle, representing the seductive nature of destruction and nihilism. His lust is so great that he is said to have sired cambions and tieflings across the multiverse.

He is hardly a major antagonist to the Shields of the Sorrowfell, but it appears that he has been interested in them for some time, given that they were destined to recover and wield the Crux of Eternity. As such, he sent Bonatos to spy on them when Bezaldooz first summoned a demon familiar, and when Bonatos died, he sent Renthiruhar to join the party in the hopes of stealing the Crux of Eternity.

His designs on the artifact are ultimately unknown.

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