Graywall, more properly known as Grimwald, is known as the Grey City. Most humanoids quietly call it the City of Monsters when not in mixed company.

Whatever the case, Graywall lies within the Hoarfrost Ridge, amidst the savage goblin and orc tribes of the frigid north. Graywall is a rough-and-tumble place, but it is a note of civility amidst the savagery of the northlands. Like Sorgforge, it is thought to reside on the ruins of ancient tombs. Dark rumors suggest that the Sorgforge Citadel’s interest in Graywall is not merely borne of the hope of political stability — the merchant families hope to plunder its buried wealth.

Graywall may form a base of operations for the Wordbearers.

Not to be confused with Eberron’s Graywall.


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