Escape from the Tomb of Theronna Onyxarm, Part 2

Godsday, Richfest 4, 552 CY (50 AN)
(Session date: January 28, 2012)

Alek Baul Dwin, Babycakes (and his goat, Duddits), Davril Tarmikos, Krisiries Loyalar, Lorac Arien, Otiven Pegason, Paul O’Trieadies, Quionna Loreweaver, and Sally Proudfoot have taken time to rest and fit their new armor. The sword Krisiries found whispers in her mind, and she feels it begin to vibrate; she passes it to Quionna Loreweaver, and it calms considerably. The group asks a few questions of the sword, and finding that it does not know any information necessary to help them escape, the group continues onward.

The group passes through twisty passageways until those present come to a door. Checking it, they found that they have looped around somehow, coming to the other side of the room filled with kruthik tunnels which they tested with a chicken, then wisely avoided. They continue until finding a second door, which they manage to pry open and find that it opens to the same room. Finally, continuing onward, they come to a dead end. Thinking quickly, Sally Proudfoot notes a secret door, and the group gets to work opening it. Just as the stone slides aside, revealing yet another entrance to the kruthik hive, a pack of shadows charges up the passageway.

Not wanting to tangle with the shadows, the group takes the plunge and runs through the room. Kruthiks boil out of the passageways in the walls, attempting to devour the fleshy college students. The group charges for the opposite door, but only Alek Baul Dwin, Babycakes, Paul O’Trieadies, Quionna Loreweaver, and Sally Proudfoot make it; Davril Tarmikos, Duddits, Krisiries Loyalar, Lorac Arien, and Otiven Pegason are attacked by the kruthiks and slain. Incidentally, this means a large quantity of gold and magic items carried by Krisiries Loyalar is dropped in the room and left behind. The kruthiks, however, have no time to eat their meals, as they are chased by the shadows. After a mad, panicked flight across the room, the survivors make their way to the opposite door, leading back to the tunnels they first entered and explored. They close the door behind them, hearing the pained screams of the kruthiks as they are devoured by the shadows.

Moving quickly, the group starts to wander, knowing by the chalk markings that they have been here before. As they wander, they stumble into a dead end, and hear the shuffling of several armored, dwarven corpses behind them.

The battle is ferocious, as the pinned survivors attempt to fend off the undead hordes. Though several of the zombies are ultimately slain, the outcome is inevitable. Of those twenty college students who entered, all are claimed by the Tomb of Theronna Onyxarm.

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