Emma's Letter

Dearest Valna,

I fear I will not know you.

The goblins and their kin have surrounded our village. Their motives have been unclear; thus far, they have been content to sit and starve us out. Someone vandalized our teleportation circle in the night, and we lack the resources to travel without it. Hierophant Fruian the Treefriend suggests that they have come for our valuables, motivated only by violence, although my oath-brother Quogretor mutters darkly that they are slavers working for the bloody-handed Scandshar nobility. Why would the humans work with the savage goblinkin?

Whatever their motives, I must defend these woods. I cannot leave, but I can send my most precious gift into the world where the goblins cannot find it.

The spirits of the Feywalk Woods will bear you to safety. I do not know where they will take you, only that you will be safe.

If I do not meet you, I am sorry. Know that your kin fought valiantly.

We love you.

Táriel Arshaera
Davlamin Arshaera

Emma's Letter

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