Duchy Jepson

Duchy Jepson is a large town sitting in the foothills of the Hoarfrost Ridge. Ruled by the Jepson family for ages, the town has been advised by the Council of Magi since the Cackledread War. When the Fatehammer comet threatened and gnolls tried to overrun the town, the founders of the Council of Magi successfully deflected the comet and repelled the gnoll invaders.

As such, even though the Jepson family is in charge, the Council of Magi holds the power in town. Still, there is no evidence that they are corrupt; indeed, they are well-loved by everyone.

Members of the Council also run the University for the Study of the Arcane Arts and Sciences, more commonly known as the Wizard’s Tower. Its headmaster, Magister Ebenezer Cascata Mararnith Jepson, is one of the members of the original mage cabal that defended the town during the Cackledread War. He has grown more eccentric over time, but is still sharp and well-respected.

Noted adventurers Bezaldooz and Valna both hail from Jepson.

Duchy Jepson

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