Bezaldooz's background

Sitting at his desk Beaz goes thru book after book, tome after tome looking for any last key reference to help him on his journey, his new gnome acquaintance Ajenc gave him a giant start with his stories of Gnome history and the general areas where they still lived. But he was only in town for a short time as his band traveled thru to there next location.

That seemed so long ago now, morning would come soon and he would be leaving his home in the Duchy Jepson for the first time. Beaz had never been anywhere else, his earliest memories were of arriving in town and when he tried to remember where he came from or his family there was nothing but fear and dark. He looked around the room at the scattered books of religion, history and arcane, when over the stories that Ajenc had told him in his head. Beaz had always believed all his family to have been wiped out and there wisdom or history lost forever, or at least that is what his father had told him. Could you still have relatives living among some of the other towns, did someone know what happened? He hoped his skills would be strong enough to help him find out more of his lost past. Nearing his first century of lift the drive to go out and explore held great appeal, Beaz had learned everything he could in his 80 years of lift form this town and the fun had left this place long ago when if father was taken. A few days ago he had received a letter to come investigate a strange increase in Crevics activity in Sorgforge and that was the all he needed for that final push to venture out into the world. This journey would be long but Beaz was sure he would be able to acquire help along his way.

He had spent the last few weeks packing what he thought he would need starting with his spell book, ritual book with components and his Orb. Everything seem to be in place and ready to go so he turned to straightening his home as we would not what to come back to a messy house. Then he thought, would he even make it back home what might be out there in the world. Lost in distant thought he began to put the books away on shelves and stumbled across his father’s journal. He had not thought to pack it and saw no need. Over the last few days he had read and re-read the journal trying to find out more clues about his families past or what he might face in the world outside of Duchy Jepson. As a child he had always wondered what his father kept in his locked truck where this journal was kept, there was no latch he could see and Beazaldooz could not figure our how to open it during those few times that his father left him alone. Years later after his father’s death the drive to find out more, anything at all pushed him to try to open the truck once again. This time he succeeded.

Among few items in his fathers truck was his father’s cloth armor which Beaz now wore, his hand crossbow, a few books and a small metal circle covered in a leather cloth etched with runes. His father’s journal was written in Gnome with a few pages scribed in weird runes that Beaz did not know with a detailed history of his families escape from there home but not much before then. The entries were also scattered, there would be weeks even months in between. There was talk of dead rising from hollowed graves, shadows taking people in the night, strange mists and beautiful mountains and rivers. His father wrote about his mother, how strong she was and her being lost during there escape. The bands of mercenaries taking others to be probably be sold as slaves and Goblin raid on there camp at night. He spoke of a family heirloom as if it had similar properties to the orb that Beaz himself carried and the creatures who invaded there small village seemed to be searching for someone or something and it was likely that the heirloom was destroyed or stolen.
From the landmark descriptions in the journal Beaz saw roughly which direction to travel to find the ruins of his village as long as the maps he had copied from the temple were not to heavily out of date. He didn’t know how far away it was but that if he travels “north” he might find more information. His father had taught him much about his abilities but not Gnomes themselves. He was quiet and could easily hide himself if need arose but not very handy in a melee fight or strength challenge. He had an uncanny ability for playing pranks when he was younger and seemed to pick up knowledge easily. He knew nothing about his fey legacy until he was much older and his father was gone. He had scoured the town temple for any histories or hints on his people with only little luck.

Beaz now sat there staring at the last item from his father’s truck. Everything else was ready to go and he was weighting whether or not to take it all with him. A small round amber crest with a blue key in the center surround by runes he didn’t recognize but similar to the ones written in his father’s journal. As the flame of his candle grew lower he packed up the crest in separate pouch and stuck it with the rest of his supplies. It was time to get a little sleep before his journey begun. And he knows that somewhere along the way he would find something, anything even if it killed him.

Bezaldooz's background

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