Home to roughly 150 permanent residents but a significantly higher number of transients, the Free Settlement of Beeheath is a small mercantile settlement in the eastern Sorrowfell Plains. With the Free City of Gewerbestadt razed in the Cackledread War, Beeheath was formed in the ruins a few years ago as a way station and trading post between Scandshar and Kiris Dahn. Since the fall of Kiris Dahn, Beeheath has more or less been the last bastion of civilization before Dawnslight and the Bloodstone Crags. The Beeheath market is renowned for miles around, and many merchants’ wares may be found there.

Beeheath is run by Ravalyassa “Dox” Avandrasdottir, a changeling invoker and merchant. She runs the village as a thearchy, claiming to be the daughter of the trade goddess Avandra, and a direct representative of her interests. Despite the fact that a settled prophet of Avandra is a contradiction in terms, her faith at least seems genuine.

The townsfolk are friendly to outsiders, but as one might expect from a settlement of merchants, tend to be cutthroat among each other. Feuds will break out about some business deal or another. Of course, outsiders have their own problems — the townsfolk charge double the going rate for standard trade goods, and prices look like they’re only going to continue to rise.

Due to geological instability and the poor state of the undercity, the town has a persistent problem with sinkholes. Old Gewerbestadt largely had the problem under control (and kept their sewers in good operation), but the new residents of Beeheath are still contending with how to reinforce construction to overcome this problem. Stone is the primary construction material for new structures, most of which is quarried from the ruins of Gewerbestadt, or culled from collapsed buildings. As is tradition instituted by Ravalyassa, all new construction in town faces southwest.

The main inn in town is known as the Wicked Rose. Travelers coming to Beeheath are advised to give nearby Mt. Vogelberg a wide berth, as a mated pair of rocs nest atop the mountain. The locals call the creatures Irikiz and Belatz.


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