Chronicles of Khaldun: Crux of Eternity

The Slaying Stone, Part 1

Starday, Flocktime 22, 552 CY (50 AN)

Bosabrieln and Emma finally come upon the village of Dawnslight, escorting Leogold Spiritforged to the Temple of the Golden Harvest so that he may become the new priest there. As Emma makes certain that he gets situated in the temple, Bosabrieln travels to the local inn to play for the enjoyment of the patrons. Shortly after getting Leogold situated in his new temple, Emma joins Bosabrieln to get something to eat.

Watching the newcomers, among the farmers and miners of Dawnslight, is the mercenary pair Peren and Torinn. They care little for the music, but are always glad to have some respite in the tavern between raids on the local goblin tribes.

As everyone settles into the tavern, the mayor, a dwarf by the name of Shaward Torranol, enters to introduce himself to the newcomers and to thank them for escorting the new priest. He also takes a moment to speak to Peren and Torinn.

Suddenly, alarm horns are raised and the cry of “GOBLINS!” is sounded outside. Shaward goes to investigate, and returns to explain that goblins have been sighted marching upon one of the local homesteads. He asks Peren and Torinn to take care of it, and then turns to ask Bosabrieln and Emma if they may also be able to render aid. They enthusiastically indicate that they can, and the group assembles to face the goblin horde.

Quietly making their way through the wheat fields outside the farmhouse, the group splits to flank the horde of thirteen goblins. Expecting little resistance from the farmers and homesteaders of Dawnslight, the raiding party is quickly dispatched, and none are left alive. The homesteader thanks the party for their assistance, and welcomes them inside to briefly rest. After resting and making proper introductions, they are prepared to return to the village.

Upon returning to Dawnslight, Shaward pays the warriors 50 silver pieces each and says he will pay an extra 50 silver apiece if they can find the goblin’s camp. The group agrees and sets upon their way.

As they wander through the woods, they lose the goblins’ trail and become lost in the wilderness. As they come to a clearing, they are spotted by a hunting juvenile white dragon. Though the dragon initially savages them, the tide turns when Emma manages to set it on fire. It fights on before finally stopping to put the fire out and flee.

The party manages to find its way back to Dawnslight and rest before trying to find the goblin camp in the morning. Shaward, grateful to their efforts, informs them that their lodgings are free so long as they stay in the town. As the others get dinner and prepare for bed, Bosabrieln seduces a young milkmaid whom he calls Sally and takes her to bed with him.

The next morning, the group sets out to find the goblin camp. They have significantly more luck this time, finding the goblin encampment atop a hill bearing the crumbling ruins of a once-great tower. A few tents and the movement of several goblin soldiers marks the location. Peren sneaks up a side trail while the Torinn, Emma, and Bosabrieln try a frontal assault. Despite the waves of goblin soldiers and the leadership of their own shaman, the goblins fall to a man. Searching the ruins of the tower, the group also manages to find some small gems and art objects.

Triumphant, the heroes return to Dawnslight. Shaward pays them the other 200 silver pieces. He indicates that a merchant caravan has come through, if they wish to sell the objects they found, and he also indicates that a woman is looking for them about a possible job. After finding the merchants haggling at the general store, they manage to unload their findings for 60 gold pieces, which they split amongst themselves. They then ask Shaward more about the woman, and he explains that a woman named Treona asked for them while they were away. He says that she is currently waiting in the tavern for their return.