Warrant Officer James Morgan

Ghostly Engineer of the Sentinel


James Morgan’s last clear memory is Earth, 2286 CE. Part of the engineering crew of the Sentinel, a prototype multigenerational vessel built to rival the Warden, the Sentinel was constructed with one addition made to handle a glaring design flaw in the Warden — it was equipped with an Autonomous Intelligence. As such, in the unlikely event of catastrophe, the Sentinel could still be safely piloted without a trained human crew. It was sent for a ten-year test mission.

Now, James finds he has died, but that he is still tied to the hulk of the Sentinel. Some catastrophe caused the Sentinel to crash-land on a planet very much unlike his own. What has happened? Why is the ship’s computer full of sarcasm and threats?

Can James Morgan solve the mystery of the Sentinel?

Image retrieved from http://thommo1701.deviantart.com/art/2nd-Generation-Civil-Starship-Engineer-303495595 on July 4, 2012.

Warrant Officer James Morgan

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