The Mourners of Saerun Road



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The Mourners of Saerun Road are an adventuring party of former soldiers and civilian embeds from the world of Eberron. The Mourners crossed paths with the Shields of the Sorrowfell when accessing Skyfall Delve at the behest of the Planar Trade Consortium.

In the above picture, the Mourners of Saerun Road are (from left to right) Prulove Soundinghorn, eladrin mage; Sir Quotumal Goldheart, dragonborn fighter; Wilkul Chorster, human warpriest of the Sovereign Host; Indrak Kingpost, warforged executioner; and Norros Babausong, tiefling warlock.

Interested parties may wish to read about the Mourners’ exploits in Skyfall Delve.

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The Mourners of Saerun Road

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