She of the Dying Light

Leader of the Purple Men in Skyfall


She of the Dying Light is the young leader of a tribe of Purple Men located in the upper levels of Skyfall Delve. Under her guidance — along with the guidance of her father, The Sight Beyond the Sun — the tribe has successfully avoided death at the hands of the fierce creatures of the Carcosan wilds. Having discovered the strange gate in the upper reaches of Skyfall, she has apparently made some manner of deal with the Planar Trade Consortium as part of the Consortium’s monetization of Skyfall Delve.

Also, credit where credit is due. Colorization by me. Image source:

Graf, John. “Cave Girl Test” (2008, April 25). deviantART. Retrieved June 15, 2012, from

Interested parties may wish to read her description in her native campaign, Old Country for No Men.

She of the Dying Light

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