Professor Gydd Nephret

Professor at Morgrave University


A half-elf professor at Morgrave University in Sorgforge, Professor Gydd Nephret is a student of ancient cultures who happens to know much of the lore surrounding the artifact known as the Ashen Crown, of which Ashurta’s Blade found in the Ashurta’s Tomb beneath Sorgforge is just a part. She has been quite helpful to the group in their research.

Unfortunately, she may have made the mistake of trusting the wrong people. She invited Lady Dannae, an elf historian with an interest in these sorts of things, to help and speak to the group. Now, Professor Nephret is missing and Lady Dannae is known to be the necromancer Demise.

The odds of Professor Nephret’s survival don’t seem terribly good, but who knows?

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Professor Gydd Nephret

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