Gerald E. Mander


Gerald Edward Mander is a warrior summoned by the snailstone to aid the Shields of the Sorrowfell in their battle against Kiaransalee. Strangely, he’s actually a still-living native to the Sorrowfell Plains, originally from Sorgforge and currently traveling through the Hoarfrost Ridge in search of the lost city of Daoine Gloine. (It seems as though he was sleeping when the snailstone summoned his dream-form.)

He seems to have a fondness for coin tricks, even if he isn’t the best at them.

For some strange reason, the snailstone summoned him along with Artamas, his collective of 500 psionic snails.

Interested parties may read about his adventures in Of Kith and Kin, and may find his original character description here.

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Gerald E. Mander

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