Cian Cuhullin


Cian Cuhullin is a barbarian who draws power from the Path of the Beast. Summoned by the snailstone to aid the Shields of the Sorrowfell in their battle against Kiaransalee, his past is currently unknown given his apparent inability to speak. (Or at least speak anything than an indecipherable mélange of Common, Dwarvish, animal sounds, and complete gibberish.)

For unknown reasons, the snailstone saw fit to summon him and his sister, Boudica, at the same time. Based on her interaction with him, it appears as though Boudica and Cian had not seen each other for some time.

In what strange land does he find himself? And what is the meaning of the iron coin he pressed into Boudica’s hands before the snailstone sent them back home?

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Cian Cuhullin

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