Captain Kalaes

Military Captain of Sorgforge's Citadel


Captain Kalaes is the human leader of Sorgforge’s Citadel. A military organization dedicated to keeping the peace, black murmurings suggest that the Citadel is nothing more than a pawn of Sorgforge’s mercantile houses.

Nevertheless, Captain Kalaes himself is well-regarded by the townsfolk of Sorgforge. He is too young to have served in the Cackledread Wars, but he is tough on crime and even tougher on Sorgforge’s wall. Successful gnoll and goblin attacks are practically unknown since the Cackledread War. Most citizens consider the captain to be a trustworthy, honorable man.

Presently, he has tasked the heroes with a political mission — aid a moderate faction of goblins with the recovery of the Ashen Crown, and the merchant houses of Sorgforge will be in their debt. He seems troubled to learn of Lady Dannae’s duplicity, but he seems thankful to have the heroes’ cooperation.

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Captain Kalaes

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