Archmagus Iandak Voiddrake

Supplicant of the Quaint and Curious Spheres


Archmagus Iandak Voiddrake, Supplicant of the Quaint and Curious Spheres, is the “wizard” referenced in the nickname, “The Wizard’s Tower.” An ancient dragonborn archmagus, Iandak is of indeterminate age and legendary power. The common feeling in the University for the Study of the Arcane Arts and Sciences is that he will come to reclaim his tower someday, and nobody quite knows what will happen when that occurs.

Recently, Torinn learned he is a partial clone of Iandak, and indeed, that several such clones presumably exist out in the world.

Although the archmagus himself is absent, Iandak’s simulacrum exists in his wizard tower on the Astral Sea, continuing his research. By Torinn’s reckoning, the false Iandak has been alone for decades, which neatly explains his eccentricities.

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Archmagus Iandak Voiddrake

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