Chronicles of Khaldun: Crux of Eternity

The Slaying Stone, Part 4

Sunday, Wealsun 2, 552 CY (50 AN)

After three days, Bosabrieln, Leogold, Peren, and Torinn return to Dawnslight with Emma’s body. It is early evening when they arrive, though they note that the village appears to be at ease. The group brings Emma’s body to the Temple of the Golden Harvest and leaves her with Leogold as they go to the inn to eat and rest.

Upon arriving at the inn, they find a beautiful eladrin maiden telling tales while a stern-looking deva in priestly vestments listens. Two new faces may also be found at the bar — a heavily-armed human woman and a similarly heavily-armed shifter man both drink. Among themselves, the group recognizes the Platinum Claws, a rather famous adventuring group in the area. Peren recognizes the two fighters as former gladiators in the Scandshar arena.

At a break in the story, Bosabrieln speaks to the deva, who introduces himself as Mathas. After hearing a little about their exploits uncovering corruption among the nobles in Scandshar, Bosabrieln explains about the travels of himself and his adventuring companions, as well as the recent death of their comrade Emma. Mathas says he knows the ritual to raise the dead, and would be willing to use it if he can be reimbursed for the components.

After Peren and Torinn buy drinks for the two warriors — the human named Blank and the shifter named Cliff — the groups converge and trade tales. Mathas repeats his offer, and the group agrees to pay him to raise Emma. Before he leaves to go the temple, he tells the eladrin that he is leaving, and she joins the table. Her name is Sariel, and she indicates that she has known Mathas for a very long time. Likewise, Blank and Cliff were slaves in the arenas of Scandshar before Mathas and Sariel bought their freedom.

After tales have been traded, everyone decides to retire for the night. Peren and Torinn sleep in the vicinity of the temple, while Bosabrieln is prepared to awaken early to check on the proceedings.

Early the next morning, Emma opens her eyes again. Though groggy, she is well, and everyone is glad to see her. She meets Mathas and thanks him, and Bosabrieln arrives shortly thereafter. The group pays Mathas the 500 gp required for components. After a bit, everyone regroups and prepares to go to Treona for payment. They once again thank the Platinum Claws for their help, and the Platinum Claws say they plan to go to the former town of Kiris Dahn to search the ruins. Bosabrieln mentions the the brass dragon they met, and the groups wish each other well. Bosabrieln, Emma, Peren, and Torinn then travel to Treona’s tower to receive their payment.

Upon arrival, the group finds an orc mercenary standing outside the tower, demanding entrance. After a brief melee, the orc is defeated. Peren binds her and the group brings her into Treona’s tower, where they interrogate her upon awakening. She indicates that she and her fellow orc mercenaries were hired to retrieve the Slaying Stone by an elf from Sorgforge named Demise. She knows nothing beyond that. After deliberation, and the orc’s promise to avoid them in the future, the group decides to set her free without her weapons, with Torinn having appropriated her handaxes and greataxe.

Treona then introduces the group to Kiris Alkirk, one of the last nobles of the Kiris line. The group shows Treona the broken pieces of the Slaying Stone, and proceeds to describe their adventures in Kiris Dahn, focusing upon the dragon that held the artifact and the fellow Kiris noble (and lycanthrope) who was left behind. Treona and Alkirk thank the group and Treona gives them 10 gp and a ring that she says was last appraised at around 250 gp.

After visiting the merchant to sell the ring and gather supplies, the group returns to the tavern to contemplate their next move.