Chronicles of Khaldun: Crux of Eternity

The Tatters of the King, Part 2

Waterday, Harvester 19, 552 CY (50 AN)

Having rested following their encounter with the strange, grey-skinned humanoids of the wrecked vessel, the Shields of the Sorrowfell, the Shields move forward according to the plan discussed between the Shields and the Mourners of Saerun Road.

Upon coming to the next room, they pry open the door to find what appears to be some manner of large storage room or armory. Most of the cases are broken or empty, but a few remain. One such case, centrally located in the room, evidently holds some strange sculpture — an astrolabe made out of mummified animal parts. The case is surrounded by four wizened figures clad in robes and aged bandages. These four mummies, as they appear to be, seem somewhat surprised at the approach of the Shields.

Peren and Torinn waste no time rushing into melee with the gaunt creatures. Bezaldooz, Bosabrieln, and Valna proceed to menace them from afar with spells. As Peren and Torinn severely wound the mummies, Bezaldooz sends his quasit, Bono, to attack the mummies. Bono touches one and channels a demon into it. The possessed mummy rushes forth and attacks the mummified astrolabe. A surge of energy erupts from it as a portal opens above, saturating the area with falling meteors. Both the possessed mummy and Bono die in the blaze, and though Peren and Torinn are similarly caught in the rain of falling stars, they manage to evade the brunt of it. The other three mummies, however, are injured by the assault.

The fight quickly draws to its inevitable conclusion afterward. Although defended by weapons and potent psychic powers, the mummies fall one by one until the Shields of the Sorrowfell finally kill their priest.

The Shields proceed to investigate the area, finding a few remnants that have not been destroyed or looted. They manage to find a pair of gauntlets, and lightweight set of strange armor, and two different firearms. All four items utilize the strange technology of the wrecked hulk in which they find themselves. Satisfied, the Shields of the Sorrowfell rest. Bezaldooz summons Bono again during the lull.

As they prepare to investigate the rest of the ship, there is a faint rumbling underfoot. It grows closer, more insistent, as it seems an earthquake is building. Finally, the floor trembles and bursts forth, as a huge worm erupts from the far side of the room. The beast bears a color the Shields have never before witnessed, appearing to them as a wild, clashing morass painted across the worm in a solid color — some strange and unsettling blend of green, red, blue, and purple, combined into an unholy whole.

As the Shields prepare themselves, Bosabrieln notes that the beast bears a superficial resemblance to the dreaded purple worm of the Underdark from their home world. Like the purple worm, it appears capable of eating just about anything, and it bears a poisonous stinger on its posterior.

While Bosabrieln and Bezaldooz stay well out of harm’s way, Peren and Torinn are forced to enter into melee with the hungry beast. Bezaldooz and Bosabrieln manage to keep it relatively immobilized with spells, preventing it from moving while allowing Peren and Torinn to stay mobile around it.

As they hack at the beast, it shudders its massive bulk at them, occasionally finding purchase and knocking them aside. It lashes out with its hungry maw and poisonous stinger, although it is less successful. Peren and Torinn manage to maneuver just beyond its reach, at least until it slams its maw on the spot where Torinn stands. Its head whips back, revealing that it has swallowed him whole.

Despite the loss of Torinn, the group fights onward, noting moments later that the great worm is being electrocuted from within — evidence that Torinn still lives. Within a few more seconds, the beast vomits him back onto the field, apparently having found him somehow unsavory.

Despite the beast’s formidable size and strength, the combined onslaught of weapons and sorceries finally brings the beast low, causing it to teeter precipitously on the edge of the pit it formed before finally falling back into a lower deck on the ship.

The group is swiftly contacted by Wilkul Chorster of the Mourners by way of their Sending Stone. He asks if they are all well, as he just felt a rather large earthquake. Bosabrieln explains that all is well — a great worm erupted from the depths, but the Shields managed to dispatch it. Peren also asks, largely out of curiosity for he and his friends’ bet, how the Mourners fair — they indicate that all is well with their group, and they have primarily encountered the strange, bulbous-headed, grey-skinned men that seem to inhabit these ruins, as well as a group of ooze-like creatures.

Satisfied, the Shields indicate they will likely rest after investigating another room or so, and the Mourners indicate that this sounds like a good idea. After deactivating the Sending Stone, the Shields decide to briefly rest before continuing their investigation of the bizarre ruin of Skyfall.