Chronicles of Khaldun: Crux of Eternity

Seekers of the Ashen Crown, Part 2

Starday, Wealsun 22, 552 CY (50 AN)

The caravan arrives in Sorgforge early on Wealsun 22. After receiving payment, selling some supplies, and purchasing the Traveler’s Chant ritual, the group begins searching for Molric Torranol.

First, they arrive at Tain Foundry, but the guards indicate that Molric may be found at the Slag Pit, the company watering hole. One of the guards leads them next door and heads into the back room. He returns saying that Molric will be out in a moment.

A burly, bald dwarf and a willowy hobgoblin enter, introducing themselves as Molric and Olaakki, respectively. The group indicates that they heard about Sorgforge’s kruthik problem from Molric’s cousin, and would like to help. Molric and Olaakki explain that kruthik attacks have intensified in the slums, and both foundry workers and goblin refugees under Olaakki’s care are dying. Additionally, some witnesses claim they have seen flying kruthiks, an unprecedented development. Molric and Olaakki offer 100 gp for the job, and the group accepts. Olaakki gives them a map showing the location of the suspected kruthik hive before departing.

After finishing their food, they take residence at the Rusty Razor, a nearby inn. They then prepare themselves for the trip into the slums.

For the most part, they are ignored. As the goblins see a heavily-armed contingent of adventurers coming through, they make themselves scarce. Only a goblin prostitute propositions them as they hurry to their destination. They finally find their way to the crumbling tenement noted on the map.

In the basement, they find a tunnel that opens into an old tomb complex. The tomb is lit with magic motes of light and bears goblin carvings on the walls. There is evidence of a recent battle — likely kruthiks against goblins, Peren notes — and a few burrows in the walls and floor — kruthik tunnels, most likely. The floor is strewn with rubble, and a ten-foot pile of skulls sits in the middle of the room. As the characters investigate the room, kruthiks boil from the tunnels. Though they are swift and vicious, the group manages to make swift work of them. Amidst the bones, they find a pack with a journal written in Goblin, and a few scattered items. Torinn finds that an old battle standard next to the pile of skulls is a battle standard of might, an item that bolsters all who stand beside it in battle. Bosabrieln discovers that the journal contains a scrap of leather depicting a stylized hand with an arrow pointing down.

After resting, the group moves to the next room, using a key they found in the pack to open the rusty double doors. The next room bears a few kruthik tunnels as well as statuary and words written upon the floor. After investigating the scrap of leather, the group depresses the tiles bearing the words “right,” “hand,” “down,” and “open.” The devil statue against one wall of the room withdraws into the floor, revealing a secret passage. The braziers in the room go out, the light replaced by motes of light. However, the sound attracts kruthiks; fortunately, the group took positions at the kruthik tunnels and makes swift work of them. After searching the room and debating whether to enter the rusty double doors or enter the secret passage, the group decides to return to the inn and rest.